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ROE is a Master SimPlant Site! You can order your conversion, request scan appliances, and even outsource your planning. Our technicians have cooridinated thousands of one-on-one treatment planning sessions through our implant department. You will find excellent technial support through our laboratory.

No Need To Buy Software! Our company preplans cases with our software and hosts virtual on line meetings to finalize and approve cases.

SimPlant™ & Facilitate™ Benefits

SimPlant and Facilitate are precise preoperative planning softwares that provides an increased level of confidence and an extra margin of safety for your patients.

For every implant brand Both are compatible with every implant brand. You choose your favorite implant in the library of SimPlant software.

SurgiGuide unique drill guides

SurgiGuides drill guides, provide a link between your plan and the actual surgery by transferring the simulated plan accurately to surgery. SurgiGuides offer a complete set of solutions: they can be used with any implant brand and can be supported by teeth, gum and even the ridge when a full flap is needed. SimPlant is our goto system for Bone Based Surgical Guides.

Facilitate™ is based on the successful SimPlant™ software from Materialise™.